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  1. DrFog

    Seguimento Interior Norte e Centro - Janeiro 2019

    Serra da Aveleira (750 m amsl), Arganil, so far the rain today was 14.4 mm (54.0 mm this month): Very dense fog, now consistent for more than a day: The wind here never stops: Maximum temperature stayed below 10C, again: I like this weather :-)
  2. DrFog

    Seguimento Interior Norte e Centro - Dezembro 2018

    Serra da Aveleira, Arganil, consistent high wind gusts since yesterday afternoon:
  3. DrFog

    Seguimento Interior Norte e Centro - Outubro 2018

    Tolle Landschaftsansicht von Ihrem Büro! Qual o nome da aldeia no meio da encosta da serra, na primeira foto? Obrigado.
  4. DrFog

    Seguimento Interior Norte e Centro - Outubro 2018

    "Segundo o autarca, o comportamento do fogo na mata foi “muito diferente do resto do território”, com a floresta nativa a obrigar o incêndio a passar rasteiro “e muito menos violento”, enquanto em pinhal e eucaliptal as chamas andaram a grande velocidade “e pelas copas”. Um ano depois, o...
  5. DrFog

    Seguimento Litoral Norte - Outubro 2018

    The Portuguese language is not very accurate when it is needed, specially when it is time to talk about the weather. A lingua portuguesa nao e' muito precisa quando e' preciso, especialmente quando e' tempo de falar acerca do tempo :-)
  6. DrFog

    Seguimento Meteorológico Livre 2017

    Natürlich ist es ein Regendefizit :-)
  7. DrFog

    Seguimento - Incêndios 2017

    People "didn't need to die the way they've died", says Portugal forest fire eyewitness Caleb Cluff. Caleb, who works as a journalist, claimed the fire is a "man-made disaster" which people "stood no chance" against. Speaking to 5 live's Dotun Adebayo, he blamed the eucalyptus plantations and...
  8. DrFog

    Seguimento Incêndios - 2015

    A video showing the scale of the forest fire and a successful helicopter crew fly over and extinguishing a forefront of the fire: It will be important to know how this fire was ignited.
  9. DrFog

    Wireless Davis VP2, 6162 weather station - ISS super/ultra capacitor

    If a newly replaced 3V lithium 123 battery runs flat only after 3 or 4 months, causing the outside measurements (temp, hum, rain, etc.) to be lost then very likely the super/ultra capacitor (10F, 2.7V) in the PCB inside the integrated sensor suite (ISS) is faulty and needs to be replaced. After...