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12 Out 2006
Lisboa e Torre de Moncorvo (só em férias)
Possible magma accumulation beneath Mt. Thorbjorn on Reykjanes peninsula
Inflation has been detected in the last few days. An earthquake swarm has been ongoing during the same period. A state of uncertainty has been declared. The aviation color code has been raised to yellow for Reykjanes.


Entretanto tem estado mais calmo, o mais provável é não haver erupção:

Specialist remark
Earthquake activity is decreasing near Grindavík but around ten earthquakes have been detected in the area since midnight, all below M2.0. Yesterday ( 4. Feb) around 60 small earthquakes were located in the area. Most of them are below M2.0.

Since the 21st of January over 1300 earthquakes have been located in the area, there of, around 700 over the weekend. Most of them are located in a SW/NE line around 2 km NE of Grindavik.

The latest GPS processing shows that the uplift west of Þorbjörn is still ongoing. In total the uplift is about 5 cm since the 21st of January. With ongoing uplift we can expect ongoing earthquake activity. The most likely explanation of the uplift and earthquake activity is that we have a magmatic intrusion at 3 to 9 km depth just west of Þorbjörn. It is most likely that this activity will stop without any eruption. The next meeting of the scientific council of Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management will be next Thursday.
Written by a specialist at 05 Feb 14:24 GMT
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