Água "primária" a partir de rochas ...

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
The late Stephan Riess gave us a theory of "primary" water generated in the rocks.
(from: "Thinking of Water" by Bob Fryer(published in The American Dowser, Winter 1990, v30, n1,
pp55-56 http://home.teleport.com/~bfryer/thinking.html )

In the early 50's, a geo-chemist, metallurgist, mining engineer and dowser named Stephan Riess theorized that a vast supply of water ran under the Mojave desert large enough to supply the needs of all the people in southern California. Riess's conclusions were corroborated by a study done by civil engineers. Their findings revealed that there was as Riess called it, primary water travelling in the deep rock fault system under the desert that had nothing in common with the water in the alluvium sedimentary aquifers. This rock fissure water was also so pure that chlorination was unnecessary, and it ran like deep, life-giving veins in the earth.

In fact, Riess contended that most underground water did not originate via precipitation that had gradually percolated through the soil as previously thought. Water is incompressible, so once it has reached a depth where the density of the soil becomes equal to its own, it simply cannot "seep" downward any further.
He felt instead that the largest quantities of water underground were formed from the elements within the earth, and constituted primary water that had never seen the surface of the earth before. Freshwater springs that spew forth large volumes of water off the coast of islands are good examples.

As proof of his theory, Riess drilled a number of deep, successful wells, and turned barren, California desert land into fertile, productive acreage. A southern California magazine, Fortnight, ran a 2-part article in 1953, and diagnosed why such a discovery was ignored by local politicians. There was simply too much money to be made in the vast water transport systems planned that California's financial and political leadership had to ignore Riess's discovery. Riess asked, "Why should huge sums of money be spent to build pipe lines over great distances, when Mother Nature has created her own pipe lines? It is certainly far more economical to pump water vertically up 450 feet than to pump and transport it laterally for 450 miles!"

By 1958, Riess's work was noticed by the Israeli government and they invited him to find water for their new city of Eliat on the Red Sea's Gulf of Aquaba. Riess met with the then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and his advisors who urged him to go ahead with his search for water as soon as possible. On May 29, 1959, the Jerusalem Post announced that the Riess-located well was sufficient enough to supply a city of more than 100,000 people including industry and outlying villages!
(from: "Water Dowsing & Other Creative Alternatives" by Melvin D.

The researcher who goes against current puts his credibility and career at risk. Just think about the fierce hostility of traditional medicine versus homeopathy, or the treatment reserved to Stephan Riess and Jacques Benveniste!
(from: "Homage to Viktor Schauberger"(1885-1958) by Adelia
http://www.tdf.it/english/neoumanesimo/Viktor_eng.htm )
The Mystery of Water
Since antiquity, the source of water generated from deep within the Earth has been a mystery. How does one explain sources of water throughout the world that produce thousands of gallons of water per minute, often in dry areas with little rainfall or at high altitudes? There are clear examples of this phenomenon which stand out.

The Ain Figeh spring Syria alone supplies water for the over one million residents of Damascus and is also the principal source for the Barada River. A report on this spring by the World Bank reads: The principal emergence for the spring which has been enclosed in a structure since Roman times resembles an underground river several meters across which flows up and out of the limestone formation of the mountain. The total flow has averaged about 132, 000 gallons per minute."