Astronomia - Seguimento Janeiro 2007

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
The long and the short of gamma ray bursts

January 3rd Meteor shower hard to see

Scientists Find Possible Link Between Sun, Ovarian Cancer

India Plans To Launch Space Capsule In January _January.html


Newfound diversity in gamma-ray bursts puzzles astronomers

Micro Satellite Launches Into Space

Cosmic resolutions for 2007

Comet P1 McNaught at 4th magnitude and brightening


Fireball Streaks Across Florida Sky

Turbulence Detected in Space

Scientist Works to Predict Space Weather

Comet C/2006 P1 to make headlines in southern hemisphere

Massive Meteor Shower Over Colorado Video Taped

Fireballs Streaks Across Colorado Skies

Planet X Forecast for April 2007 to July 2014 with Jacco van der Worp and Echan Deravy

Mysterious Object Crashes Through Roof In US

Object hitting house in New Jersey was meteorite, US experts decide

US Air Force Space Command Says Colorado Fireball May Have Been Meteor Shower

Russian Specialists Study Rocket Debris Sighting Over U.S.

Rocky Finding -- Evidence of Extrasolar Asteroid Belt

Google to build telescope to get real-time space images

Central Floridians Spot Fireball In Sky

Fiery Sight In The Night Sky Came From Russia

It came from space, but from where?

Astrophysicist seeks missing "pages" of universe

Catching Some Cosmic Rays

Hypersonic weapons projects to begin test flights


Bright green light across sky surprises many in Singapore

The universe gives up its deepest secret

Gravity detector could provide clues to the shape of the universe


Crucifying The Earth On the Galactic Cross

January's Surprise Comet Comet/23542

Green streaks over Singapore likely a meteor, say astronomers

Comet sighting over Alaska skies

If scientists and astronomers have it calculated correctly, Friday, April 13, 2029, could be a very unlucky day for Earth if the asteroid Apophis continues on its path toward Earth.

Super massive black holes commonly converge during triple galaxy interactions

Black holes: The 'exotic beasts' of the universe

Cosmic Superstrings and the Fourth Dimension

Geologists Discover Origin of Earth's Mysterious Black Diamond

Earth’s dynamo can malfunction in December 2012 with galactic alignment and that can require extraterrestrial help to sustain intelligent life

Galactic alignment and formal extraterrestrial visitation - the history tells us they will expose their existence in December 2012 or after

What is the risk that a hidden asteroid in a stealth-path will hit the earth of December 21, 2012?

Earth's strongest winds wouldn't even be a breeze on these planets

First Detection of a Planet-Forming Disk Near Environment of a Dying Star

Seven or Eight Dwarf Galaxies Discovered Orbiting the Milky Way

Magellanic Clouds May Be Just Passing Through

Lost lakes of Titan are found at last

Hayabusa Probe Nears Itokawa Asteroid

Human Error May Have Doomed Mars Probe

Speedy discovery fuels new Milky Way mystery that could rewrite textbooks

India puts four satellites in space in preparation for moon mission

European Space Scientists Debate Lunar, Mars, Asteroid Missions

Interactive binary stars show signs of induced hyperactivity

Chandra Discovers Light Echo from the Milky Way's Black Hole

Chicago UFO, O'Hare Sighting Just a Part of Mysterious Phenomena

UFO Crash Reported in Central Iran

Next Solar Cycle May Be Largest Ever Recorded

Russia in talks to build 12 spacecraft for NASA, ESA

Gravity detector could provide clues to the shape of the universe

Cosmic rumblings after black hole's meal

Superbright Comet Enters History Books, Now Visible in Broad Daylight

Brightest comet in 40 years in Australian skies,00.html

Hubble’s successor to search for origins of Universe’s birth

3-D Map of Dark Matter Reveals Cosmic Scaffolding

Sound Pulses Exceed Speed of Light

'Fireball' calls in UK blamed on comet

Comet's appearance hailed as 'brightest',1249,650223070,00.html

The Universe's Invisible Hand

Five Satellite Launch to Give Most Detailed Information Ever on the Mysterious Northern Lights

Checking Out the Stellar Neighborhood

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Fireball Hits Earth In Russia

Thousands watch comet over Australia,21598,21061011-5005369,00.html

Brightest Comet Ever Observed By Soho

Unusual dwarf planet discovered in the outer Solar System could be en route to becoming the brightest comet ever known


UFO Observed in Western Iran

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Astronomers Discover New Star in Southern Cross

Russia, Europe discuss jointly building a space shuttle

Russian Ship Blasts Off to Space Station

Spacecraft to Pluto Prepares for Jupiter Encounter

Integral sees the Galactic centre playing hide and seek

UW Telescope Provides Critical Wide-Field Images

'Mach c'? Scientists observe sound traveling faster than the speed of light

Iranians report 'radiant UFO',7340,L-3354296,00.html

US Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world'

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Burst Details

GRB ID GRB 070107A
Mission Swift
Date 2007/01/07
Time 12:05:18 UTC

Right ascension 10:37:41.4
Declination -53:12:08.4
Galactic Lon. 283.6°
Galactic Lat. 4.57°
Constellation of Vela

Burst Description

Even for GRBs, this was a weird burst... especially from the start. Swift was executing a pre-planned maneuver, moving from one source to the next, when it caught this GRB already in progress. It only observed the last two peaks, both of which were quite long: about 112 seconds for the first and 90 seconds for the second. The gamma-ray emission was detected by the Japanese Suzaku satellite as well. It detected a total burst length of 92 seconds; this is shorter than Swift's detection possibly due to differences in sensitivty between the two spacecraft.

Swift's X-Ray Telescope caught two bright flares from the burst, one of which was coincident with one of the gamma-ray peaks. The UVOT saw a fading optical afterglow as well.

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Was Comet McNaught the best or brightest? In past 263 years, seven other comets have offered daytime showings

Space attack will force US to rethink tactics with spy in the sky satellites,,11069-2556134,00.html

Delft nano-detector very promising for remote cosmic realms

China under pressure to explain satellite missile strike

US worried about debris from China satellite killer

Progress 24 Nears Station, Ready for Docking Tonight

New Resupply Ship Arrives at Station

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Encontrei este "abstract" por acaso:



Is the exceptional storm Kiril, which is battering Europe, due to some Earth wobble perhaps? [and from another]
Devastating storm leaves 40 dead across Europe [Jan 19] Winds of up to 216 kilometers (133 miles) an hour swept off the Atlantic and cut a
swathe across Britain, northern France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and into Russia. For the first
time in its history, Deutsche Bahn railway company suspended all services across Germany. [and from another] Texas, Okla. shiver in grip of
winter ice storm [Jan 18] The winter blasts that kept Texas and Oklahoma residents shivering and dusted Malibu with
snow spread Thursday to mid-Atlantic states and the Carolinas, with a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain in the picture.

Both Europe and the US went from unseasonably warm weather to ice storms or hurricanes. We explained recently on the GLP live chat for late
December that the figure 8 so well documented when the wobble first established itself in 2004 has continued, with more vehemence. During the
wobble, the Earth is suddenly dragged under its mantle of air, but the air mass tries to cling to the land, and follow. This has the effect of
pulling cold air to the South, pulling warm air to the North, and all of this creates hurricanes. Hurricanes or cyclones are formed over warm
equatorial waters, and the same effect is produced when warm land such as Europe has experienced is pushed under cold air. For the US mainland,
which was having Spring in January in many places, the result has not been hurricane force winds but a rush of high pressure cold air into the
low pressure that warm air essentially becomes, being lighter because the air molecules are more active and thus farther apart from each other.
For Europe, which is tipped to the left, the north-west, during the wobble, and then back again to the right, to the north-east, the wobble acts
like a pump, first pushing air down toward the Equator and then sucking it back up. Combined with the Coriolis effect, this creates swirls,
drawing the cold air from the Arctic down into the center, thus the hurricane formation. Will this type of extreme weather continue? Certainly,
but other forms of extremes will show up too. We have warmed that the seasons will blend into one another, that hurricanes and tornadoes will
appear where unexpected, and that swings from drought to deluge will continue, all in an unpredictable manner.

Warm winter wreaks havoc [Jan 5] This winter's curiously warm weather across the Northeast and much of the Midwest has
played havoc with more than seasonal businesses. In Washington, D.C., springlike temperatures have faked out flora, causing dogwoods and daffodils
to bloom. New York City is expecting 70 degree weather tomorrow (an all-time high). [and from another] Spring in January: Frogs, trees and bees are
deceived by winter's unseasonal warmth [Jan 14] St Hilary's day, New Year's Eve on the Julian calendar and, traditionally,
the coldest day of the year, passed yesterday as one of the warmest on record. More record-breaking warmth is expected this month, confusing plants
and animals that should now be dormant. Daffodils, normally in bloom in March, are already out in St Mawes in Cornwall. [and from another] I was in
Dubai in the United Arab Emirates last week and they have been having the coldest winter in 20 years. Night time temperatures (in celcius) were getting
into single digits and daytime highs were only 21/22 while I was there. [and from another] This has been the coldest weather on Maui I can remember
in 15 years! [and from another] Cold Snap Destroys Most Calif. Citrus [Jan 16] Three nights of freezing temperatures have
destroyed up to three-quarters of California's $1 billion citrus crop, according to an estimate issued Monday as forecasters warned the weather could
continue. Other crops, including avocados and strawberries, also have suffered damage in the cold snap. The latest freeze will likely surpass the damage
done by a three-day cold snap in December 1998 that destroyed 85 percent of California's citrus crop, a loss valued at $700 million, Kawamura said.

Our warning, in 1995, that extreme temperatures would be experienced, unusually warm winters, unusually cold summers, was because we were aware an Earth
wobble would develop. Why else would such extremes develop? The wobble is an element outside of the usual atmospheric dynamics that weathermen use for
their predictions. The gentle prevailing Westerlies, high pressure areas moving to low pressure toughs, rising warm air encountering cold upper layers
- these factors will no longer be the dominant factors. The wobble pulls land under warm or cold air, changing the temperature of both land and the air
above it. Air is pulled along with the land, during the wobble, mixing with air in its new location, temporarily. And the sudden nature of the wobble,
which is not steady but lurches suddenly when the N Pole is pushed away or allowed to bounce back in a rebound manner, creates violent interaction in
the atmosphere. The not only creates storms, it creates pockets of warmth or cold, which then adjust in the manner of air seeking equalization, moving
fronts, storms, extreme high pressure areas invading extreme low pressure areas. And all of this will only continue, as the wobble accentuates.

A few days ago appeared an odd story in the Icelandic media from a small town in the west of the country. The town is named after the fjord it sits by,
Grundarfjordur. For a number of years a local company has managed a cod fishfarm situated in the fjord. A few days ago they were stunned to find 20 tons
of their fish were dead. [and from another] 200 More Dead Birds in South-West Australia Another 200 dead birds
have been found in West Australia, taking the total number to die in mysterious circumstances in the state to 4000. Department of Environment and
Conservation had received a new report of at least 200 dead swallows in Narembeen, about 240km east of Perth and 380km from Esperance. Investigations
into the mysterious death of thousands of birds in have been widened, with toxins now considered a possible cause. Autopsies have ruled out viral and
bacteriological causes.

As we mentioned when we addressed the Earth Farts on January 8th, birds are highly sensitive to methane gas, the reason for the canary in the coal mine
to warn minors when the air is going bad. Fish are likewise highly sensitive to such gasses, and leave an area where they will be killed, quickly. The Cod
in Iceland, it should be noted, were unable to escape, as they were trapped in the fjord. As the Earth's plates have just begun the roiling around they
will do leading into the shift, such reports will increase, always with only speculation as to the reasons for the deaths. More than earthquakes stand as
clues that the plates are slipping and sliding and pulling apart. The stretch zone and its adjustments are a silent adjustment, sudden train derailing and
mankind's infrastructure snapping.

It is no accident that the New Madrid fault lies under the Mississippi River near Memphis, as rivers form in lowlands created when land pulls apart,
separating the rock fingers and weakening support for the land. Thus, the Ohio River bed also is an indication of where rock fingers will pull apart.
Two adjustments in Kentucky, a day apart, are not an accident, but an indication of the speed at which the stretch zone is starting to adjust. Rail lines
are frequently an early harbinger of such adjustments, as they run long distances, whereas structures within cities, such as tall buildings, take up
relatively little space and have a small footprint. Our warning that imploding cities will be experienced, before the hour of the shift, are in this regard.
Be warmed, it will not just be your rail lines and gas and water mains that will shatter and be pulled apart during the stretch. The foundations of your
tall buildings will likewise be vulnerable.

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Um outro assunto que também tem causado alguma polémica - os rastos químicos da aeronáutica comercial:


The purpose of this web site is:

-To inform billions of our fellow humans on planet earth
about an aerosol spray program that is currently taking place overhead.

- To create a global network sharing accurate information on what each of us can do to best protect ourselves and loved ones from the ongoing fallout of particulates that are being sprayed into the earths troposphere every day!

We are a group consisting of researchers, medical doctors, a scientist, biologist, and a film maker! We have spent the past two years researching and tracking down reliable sources and information on this spray program. We have had many meetings and dozens of (off the record) interviews with top people in the know, bringing out valuable information that needs to be shared! ...Many of these people put a lot on the line in sharing this information with us and now with the world!

As an awakening human collective, we must not go into an' Us and Them' mentality, nor create a fear based perspective!
This is a serious global matter and we are ALL in it together!

Fact: Contrail formation typically occurs in the upper Troposphere between nine and twelve kilometers in height with temperatures ranging between -35ºC and -55ºC (Jensen e. al. 1998, Schrader 1997). Most contrails last on the order of seconds to a few minutes before dissipating.

The (Shield) spray operations form milky white clouds that expand and stay visible for hours!

Watch cloudless blue skies change right before your eyes!

If you haven't really noticed them before, you will now!

Look familiar?


What is this spray operation all about?

The one we are speaking of here is a program that is creating a UV shield due to the mass depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer!

There are many different spray programs at any given point in time, all with different agendas, which we will speak about in our newsletter on March 18th 2007.

How serious is this?

Extremely, in September 2005 the

Antarctic ozone hole covered an area of about 24 million sq km - more than

twice the size of Europe. The 2005 Antarctic ozone hole was one of the largest ever recorded.

The magnitude of global warming and UV poisoning is way beyond anything that has been publicly reported!

If the current trends continue, reports are showing the ability of Earth's ecosystems to

support life will be reduced significantly to a time frame of possibly 20-30 years maybe less!

What is being sprayed by these planes ?

Polymers are part of the mixture, combined with aluminum, barium and in some cases biological material.

Every living being on this planet is breathing in and drinking these particulates!

Alzheimer and upper respiratory deaths are increasing at a staggering rate!

Many widespread water test's are showing high spikes of aluminum and barium!

What can I do to right now counteract these toxins?

Essential fatty acids such as Flax seed oil will help the blood brain barrier move the aluminum into your hair follicles, also taking organic Reishi or Maitake mushroom extracts will help.. Our immune system is being strained and our potassium levels are also being depleted by these particulates.....

We will share much more detail in our newsletter that will be sent out on the 18th of March, 2007

There are many sites on what most call Chemtrails.

Once you look up in the sky and see for yourself

Once you do a small bit of research on your own, you will see this happening around the whole planet!

Once you realize that what you are seeing are not normal contrails,

you will know this is REAL


14 Dez 2005
Não sei que te diga em relação a noticia dos rastos de aviões....

Não fico nada convecido com isso sinceramente...mas pronto...

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
New Theory of the Universe Marries Two of its Biggest Mysteries

Israeli Military Builds Robotic Insects,72543-0.html?tw=wn_index_1

Kamikaze Space Robots Save the Earth

Another Asteroid Collision With Earth: It's Just a Matter of Time

Spectacular Comet set for encore performances

Comet blazes across our skies


Minoru Yoneto, Cromwell, New Zealand Jan. 23, 2007

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Tens que ir consultando o site da NASA e os outros...
A sua acção, no nosso sistema, ainda não terminou a sua influência!

Sun exploded, hurling a bright coronal mass ejection yesterday

Spectacular comet on way out

Mr Gilmore also warned that once it was gone, Comet McNaught was unlikely to appear in our skies for another 85,000 years.


Sun did not blow water off Mars, study finds

Meteorite Causes Sonic Boom Over Virginia

Meteor Sightings Reported Across Kentucky

East Tennesseans Report Strange Light in the Sky

Strange Lights In South Carolina Skies

French to reveal UFO secrets,,2-2007040056,00.html

US Air Force reveals weapons tests that sparked global UFO frenzy

NASA Astronaut Calls for Asteroid Defense

Tiny probes built to track cosmic storms

Scientists start search for planetary origins

Scientist claims creating new theory about universe

Scientists Find Possible Asteroid Belt

Strange Lights in the Sky Spark UFO Call Frenzy in Carolina

Iran Ready to Conquer Space

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Meteorite That Crashed Into New Jersey Home Goes On Exhibit For A Day

Meteorite's origin traced by Czech geologists

Mysterious source jams satellite communications

Lutetia asteroid in Rosetta's spotlight

UFO’s seen in Hawaiian skies

UFO spotted over the Carolinas

Nanotubes could link elevator to space

Mysterious, Large Ice Chunk Falls on Florida Man's Car

Subterranean water on Mars likely, new study finds

Hot New Mystery Surrounds Saturn

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Brent Miller provided us with the above graphic and accompanying statement:

Cyclic global catastrophic events throughout our past have created permanent gaps in recorded human history and technology. The Horizon Project research team operated by Brent Miller believes they have uncovered overwhelming scientific evidence that shows this catastrophic event is about to occur once again. Our solar system is quickly approaching what scientific research and ancient records refer to as "The Dark Rift" or "The Galactic Plain". This will result in increased gravitational influences upon our solar system; causing global devastation and loss of life on Earth. Shockingly, evidence has been left behind throughout human history which provides dire warning to future civilizations; warnings that have been ignored.