Queda de objecto num lago gelado

Luis França

23 Mai 2006
No dia 4 de Fevereiro de 2007, às 22:00, caiu um objecto celeste num lago gelado, em Karki, Latvia. O buraco permaneceu dois dias sem recongelar....


An unknown celestial object fell to the pond in Karki [Karkyu] village on 4th February 2007 at about 10 pm. Despite low temperatures the hole allegedly remained unfrozen for two subsequent days.

The place of the incident was visited by Radiating Control Service and a commission from Latvian Ministry of Environment. Unfortunately members of both commissions weren't able to give a reasonable explanation. Andriejs Salmins - head of the public service of Radiating Control stated that first measurements at the place of incident didn't reveal anything unusual but subsequent procedures conducted at the edge of the aperture revealed strongly raised radioactive background - Latvian sources said.

Riga - A hole in a frozen pond in northern Latvia achieved unexpected notoriety on Wednesday as rumours began circulating that it was created by an object falling from outer space.

"We've been collecting information on the story all day, and we'll definitely report it in the morning," Inguna Plume, editor of local newspaper Ziemellatvija, told reporters.

The "unusually large hole" appeared in the ice of a frozen pond near the northern Latvian village of Karki in early February, the Leta news agency wrote. Despite sub-zero temperatures, the hole
reportedly did not freeze over for two days.

Locals initially reported seeing "strange things" in the area.

One girl said that she had seen "a small bright object with a silver ring around it", while other witnesses reported seeing up to six symmetrical beams of light emerging from the pond.

When the existence of the mysterious hole became known, the theory that it could have been created by an object falling from outer space began to gain credence, Karki spokesperson Sandra Pilskalne told Leta...