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Luis França

23 Mai 2006
Huge hailstones hit suburbs

HAILSTONES the size of cricket balls battered a path of destruction across western Sydney and up the NSW central coast yesterday afternoon when a violent thunderstorm swept over the city.
The Bureau of Meteorology described the storm as "particularly dangerous" and warned people to stay indoors.
Several people were injured by hailstones in the storm, which struck at about 4.30pm.

"There's been quite a swath of large hail," a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said.
"(We've had) lots of reports of hail of golf-ball size. We've had a few reports of hail up to seven centimetres (across) in a couple of places."
"It was like a bomb going off for 20 minutes straight," he said.
Across the road, Charlie Pinto, removed broken tiles from his roof as he told of his shock.
"Bang, bang, bang. It was so loud for so long I couldn't believe it," Mr Pinto said.

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