Surreal cloudscapes this morning (Undulatus Asperatus).


26 Nov 2005
Middelburg, Holanda
All in Middelburg. Yesterday we had 31,9 C (calibrated in the field registration, in the gardens 34,1 C). From France some dying and reviving CUmulonimbi approached and reached us around 8 this morning. In front of it, we had these nice guys





Later on after the thundershower we got brigth skies andhit 32 C again. Now new thunder developed and to the east of me, we had a small tornado developing twice.

Coincidentally I went to my weatherstation (3 km NE of me) in the country, just as the coldfront went over. WHile I literally walkedinto the countryside to my station there was no wind, thundershowers were near and it was stil 31C. I noted my windvain had already turned to the SW but no wind. While I was gathering the data from the datalogger, a hard wind rumbled in the trees in the distance (200 m) and within seconds it was over me. No rain or anything, just the cold air plunging in and within 2 minutes the temperature dropped from 31-32 to 22 23 C! Now what a coincidence, considering I am there at most 5-10 minutes every few days. Now 2 years ago, somehtingidentical happend. No need to put it in words, the exact same thing...

Suffice to say I had a fantastic weatherday!
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