Warm up (or cool down) for the coming months!


26 Nov 2005
Middelburg, Holanda
Here a video from 19 december 2010 I shot with my GF FZ7 Panny camera. Not too bad, have a GH2 now (and a G1). GH2 with a crack from Vitaliy delivers superior video. Hoping for some good snow.....

Oke: this must have been the worst suprise ever. All roads were alright so at 2200 that evening I thought I would drive to my weatherstation in the countryside. The wind had picked up there, the snow was very dry and about 20-25 cm regular in depth. Little did I know that the next 2 km (startin at about minute 6.30 on the video and in particular after turning the last corner near minute 10) were completely covered with about a foot of snow. It is not easy to see on the video, on the 28th of december I measured snowdrifts of 80 cm there however although more snow had fallen it was not much more. If you look closely, you can see the car slide from left to right and it was really like I was on Santa's slee. With standard summertires, I woul dnot even have reached the road but if I did it would be end of the game there. These allseason/wintertires helped tremendously. I have a 2003 Toyota Corolla (like Auris now) with 60*15 tires, so no allterrain vehicle or somehting like that. I knew, while driving, that if I would stand still I would have to dig myself out and I had nothing with me...Fortunately, eevrything went fine. Music is not put into it afterwards, it is just the car stereo playing a CD of mine...

Will add some more videos of the blizzard of 4 th of december afterwards and some of other days in december aswell...

Some pics (can't wait for winter, first nightfrost already here in The Netherlands so...and I am fed up with the summer).

Last winter:



Blizzard 4 december 13h hours. That is not fog you see, it is drifting snow.


Another one from the same day:


More the next days.....lets hope this winter will be really severe, not just from november till begin january....
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