Dúvidas do curso de Meteorologia, Oceanografia e Geofísica

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  1. MiguelTang

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    25 Mar 2016
    Ola, eu sou Miguel de Macau. Eu muito gusto de Meteorologia, portanto eu quero tirar o curso de Meteorologia, Oceanografia e Geofísica na UL ou UA em Portugal. Vocês acham que este curso é adequado para mim? Eu não domino a língua portuguesa, é bom que vocês usam a língua inglesa para responder para mim. Muito obrigado! ;):D:D
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  2. leonardofigueiredo89

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    2 Abr 2016
    S. M. da Feira
    Hello Miguel,
    I'm a first year student on Meteorologia, Oceanografia e Geofísica (MOG), in the University of Aveiro.
    Well, I haven't enough experience to tell you clearly and objectively about the most important stuff about the course. But here's my opinion:
    - I love this course now, despite all the struggles I've had on the first semester, with an adaptation to some subjects that seem hard, like Calculus and Physics. YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD! (This is literally like an Engeneering course)
    - You asked if this course is the adequate for you. I don't know! If you say this is a thing you love, then go ahead and come here to experiment! Does this course pays off? I think so. Here on UA, we have a great preparation for the future. And I'm sure that in UL it's the same thing.
    - The teachers are nice here! And the Managment of the main staff of the Physics Department want to make sure we are motivated. I mean, I've been on three visits related to the course (and the next one will be the awesomest!!!)
    - You have to contact the university and know what are the necessary requirements, because I have no ideia of how it works for foreigners (I'm sure you know it better than me now)

    So, go ahead if this is your passion. A lot of students here go to this course because they didn't need high grades to get in(and maybe this was a low average cool course for them). So, this it's a good sign if you start the course with a little bit of extra motivation and a good background of knowledge on this amazing field.

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    CptRena gostou disto.
  3. camrov8

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    14 Set 2008
    Oliveira de Azeméis(278m)
    to start welcome to this forum, is good to have someone from Asia, several european have classes in inglish for foreigners, in portugal i think is the same

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